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My first role as a consultant working for Deloitte was when I designed a securitized loan program for the American Cancer Society. The goal was to improve the lives of the terminally ill by providing them an upfront amount in exchange for their life insurance assets which could be used to pay for their healthcare. This project was a career defining role as it not only provided me with the intellectual stimulation but also gave me an opportunity to use my problem solving skills to improve the lives of the despairing millions.

A few years into my career I was given the opportunity to set up a new exotics desk for Bear Stearns. The product we developed was not only at the forefront of innovation on Wall Street but also improved the lives of millions living in desolate conditions. This was achieved by trading / selling life insurance in the secondary market as opposed to surrendering it to life insurance companies for minimal value and using the proceeds to improve living standards of the aged nursing and disability homes community.

At a young age I had the experience of pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions when I set up my own regulated asset management platform in UK, Old Park Capital. Working with regulators, investors, employees, clients, all at the same time was a highly enriching experience.

When 17, I was hired as an instructor of mathematics to teach at my own high school, one of the most prestigious high-schools in the region. I developed a passion for teaching and continued to teach while at University of Pennsylvania and later at some of the leading Asian universities including Lahore University of Management Sciences, Institute of Business Administration and National University of Science & Technology. Teaching provides an unparalleled opportunity to give back to the community and developing livelihoods for not only those you teach, but also those associated with them. I still find giving back to the community through teaching as one of my greatest passions.
United Kingdom

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