Welcome to Payments Summit 2018

Payments Summit is being organized by World Finance Council in association with International Excellence Forum, Inc. (San Jose, USA). The conference is scheduled  on October 24-25, 2018 at Omni Hotels & Resorts, San Francisco, USA

The Conference  will run for two days starting from October 24, 2018 to October 25, 2018 with a focal theme "Reshaping the payments technology". 

The Conference Agenda is divided into 10 sessions with two panel discussion in each session. 

This Conference marks a perfect platform to adopt innovative payments  and finance technology solutions & services. 

Hope you won't miss this opportunity in  to network, demonstrate and learn about the latest in Payments, FinTech and Cybersecurity  Industries.

Director's Message

Dear colleagues and friends,

After the successful edition of  WFC's FinTech Dubai Conference & Exhibition 2018, I can honestly tell you that the team has made significant efforts to establish the organization, World Finance Council as well as all hands assembled, to try and meet with your high expectations with this conference & exhibition.

In our journey of the digital revolution, the industry that has always welcomed technology is now dramatically changed. Innovative digital methods and intelligent machines are further steering the finance industry into a new era, and while the pace of change might be too fast for some, those who embrace the future stand to reap significant profits.

FinTech is the best example of the dramatic change. In WFC's Payments Summit 2018, we will discuss the "Impact of Innovation on payments system." In this conference, we will be discussing digital banking, emerging payment rails, blockchain and bitcoins, RegTechs, alternative finance and the investor's perspective. You'll meet one of the best digital brands including MasterCard, Microsoft, Facebook, KPMG, RAK Bank and many other FinTech enthusiasts.

On behalf of the World Finance Council, I thank you for your participation in this conference, and I hope that you engage with one another, have fun and enjoy the San Francisco, the beautiful Golden city. I encourage you to take absolute advantage of this outstanding event and leave with a refreshed and sustaining view of your efforts. I look forward to meeting many of you personally, and I wish you great success here, and in the critical work you do in your organizations.


Azam Ghani

Director, World Finance Council

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